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AARA Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment



     After sending you an invitation to our meeting we thought it a good idea to tell you who we are and what our goals are.

     We are called Bringing back the Black Robed Regiment. Our website is Pastor Shaun Cotterill, Pastor James McClain, George Austin and Roger Garner are the people coordinating our efforts.

     We have discovered only 25% of Christians are registered to vote. There are 128.7 million Christians who are not registered to vote. Our goal is to wake up these Christians and anyone else who would like to see and hear the truth. We are trying to get as big an audience as we can.

     Our Mission Statement is as follows:

Our mission is to promote, through education and active participation, the conservative Judeo-Christian values set forth in the Constitution by our founders.

Our primary goal is to return to the original intent set forth in the Constitution.

We encourage candidates and government representatives to maintain these principles and values.

We desire to engage like-minded supporters, networking with other groups , to assure our voice is heard by local, state and federal representatives.

We humbly seek God’s wisdom and guidance for the betterment of our country and our families.

     Please click on the three attachments above.

          1. Pastor Dan Fisher is a founding member in the Bring Back the Black Robed Regiment. He also is a Oklahoma state congressman.

              The attachment is a 35 minute video of the history of the Black Robed Regiment and why it has been reformed.

          2. The History of the Johnson Amendment is a 4 minute video of how that amendment came to be.

          3. Clergymen and Clergywomen, you will probably want to see the video and read the document in the Pulpit Freedom Sunday- Alliance

              Defending Freedom.eml attachment. This group is trying to return your freedom of speech to the Pulpit.

     We sincerely hope you will contact us so we can work together to achieve these goals. We are at a point we need to help each other.

You can contact us as follows:

     George Austin: 419-499-2763 or cell: 419-706-8139


                          Roger Garner: 419-668-6880


If no answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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 Video Links:

Introduction to CEAI (3m)

Flags of Honor, Norwalk Ohio (6m)

Interview with LtC Richard Dole, Doolittle Raid (48m)

What Every Christian Should Know (1hr22m)

The Last Christian Generation (52m)

The Genealogy of the Constitution (1h24m)

"The Black Robe Regiment" (36m)

The History of the Johnson Amendment (4h)

Messaging Millennials with Bill Whittle (1h41m)

Balanced Budget Amendment and 16th/17th Amendments (11.5m)

Uniting the Spirit of Liberty (38m)

-- Websites --

CEAI Website

-- AUDIO --

Article V Convention Series Parts 1-5

Just ThreeThings KrisAnne Hall (38m)


History of the Black Robe Regiment

Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment

Ensuring a Free Pulpit

Peter Schramm's Obituary


Christian Voter Card Front

Christian Voter Card Back

4" x 6" cards are also available for purchase for $10.00 per 100.


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